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In 2018, for the second consecutive year, we have supported OMV Petrom Group in the realization of their Sustainability Report.
The Report was elaborated in conformity with the GRI Standards – Core Option and European Directive 95/2014 requirements provisions of Directive 2014/95/EU, transposed into national law through MPF Orders No. 1938 / 2016 and No. 2844/2016 and was the first Non-financial Reporting of the Group.

In 2017, we realized, also, the first Sustainability Report of OMV Petrom: OMV Petrom Sustainability Report 2016


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For the realization of the report the following steps were implemented:

  • Relevant sustainability topics identification
    • benchmarking analysis based on peer sustainability reports and sustainability standards and methodology
    • internal meetings organized with employees, covering all business segments in order to establish the risks and opportunities associated with the specific sustainability topics along the OMV Petrom value chain
  • Relevant sustainability topics prioritization
    • questionnaire to 322 key internal and external stakeholders
    • questionnaire to 12 internal experts from key functions of the Group
    • questionnaire 12 external oil&gas experts
  • Materiality Matrix realization
    • 13 topics with the highest priority according to the influence on stakeholders and the significance of economic, environmental and social impacts
  • Data collecting process
    • realization of specific instruments for data collection
    • identifying specific KPYs for each material topic
  • Report elaboration
    • analysing and interpreting the data collected
    • design and implementation of the graphic concept
    • verifying the conformity with the requirements of GRI and of the Directive UE 95/2014.
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For the first time in Romania, in 2018, was published a Sustainability Report for a company operating in the chemical sector. It's about OLTCHIM S.A., one of the largest chemical companies in Romania and a reference name in the Eastern Europe, which has benefited from our sustainability consultancy services.

The process for developing the Sustainability Report followed all stages of the INNOVA methodology and was conducted in line with the GRI Standards and in accordance with the provisions of MPF Order No. 1938 / 2016 and MPF Order no. 2844/2016.


The Sustainability Report, which is also the first Non-Financial Report of this company, presents the social, economic and environmental objectives the company has undertaken and the progress made in achieving these goals.

One of the important elements of this process represents the Stakeholders’ Maps, obtained through a complex analysis. The map contains stakeholders’ categories prioritized according to their relevance.

They have played an extremely important role in identifying and establishing the most important non-financial information through which the company has a significant impact on the economy, society and the environment.

Testimonial OLTCHIM S.A.

”For the realization of our first Sustainability Report, published in 2018, we appreciated the high-quality services of our partner INNOVA Project Consulting. They are a very professional, friendly, flexible, available and very fast team of professionals. All our appreciation for you and we wish you many satisfied customers as we are”.

poza_Stanescu Bogdan-min
Bogdan Stanescu - Special Administrator, OLTCHIM S.A.

Testimonial SIVECO Romania S.A.

”I have collaborated with the INNOVA Project Consulting team to realize two Sustainability Reports in the period 2016-2017 and I greatly appreciated the professionalism and passion with which develops each activity. INNOVA's experts have in-depth knowledge of the concept of sustainability in general and in particular the GRI Standards. I highly recommend this team to any company that wants to realize a Sustainability Report.”

Anca Crahmaliuc - Marketing Director 2002-2018, SIVECO Romania S.A.