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11th of September, 2019, 7.30 PM, INNOVA Project Consulting will participate together with OMV Petrom, atty. Ionuț Bohâlțeanu and atty. Silvana Ivan at the first debate on non-financial reporting in Romania organized by ARIR – Romanian Investor Relations Association and Juridice.ro. This event aims to address, together with the best specialists in the field, the complexity of the reporting process and the difficulties facing by companies obliged to report.

The debate is organized in the context in which the number of companies obliged to publish non-financial information will increase from 2020, and the legislation regulating this type of reporting does not provide detailed information on the process that needs to be followed. If until now the legal obligation to prepare and publish a Non-financial Report or Statement was limited only to public interest entities with an average number of 500 employees, following the amendment of the legislation transposing at national level EU Directive 95/2014 regarding non-financial reporting, the scope of this obligation has been extended to all companies that exceed the criterion of having an average number of 500 employees.

In Romania, non-financial reporting is regulated by the MPF Order no. 1938/2016, amended by the MPF Order no. 3456/2018. At the same time, there are specific regulations for certain categories of organizations, such as: BNR Order no. 7/2016 and ASF Norm no. 1/2017.

Specialists in the field of non-financial reporting together with lawyers, but also companies that have already published non-financial reports will analyze the main elements that must be included in a report, as well as the best practices in the field.

The debate can be watched live or recorded on www.juridice.ro

For those who want to deepen the subjects that will be covered during the debate, INNOVA Project Consulting organizes a 2-day applied training course between 30th of September – 1st of October, 2019 in Bucharest, at Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest Old Town Hotel. More information at https://www.innovaconsulting.ro/raportarea-non-financiara-de-la-directiva-la-practica/

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