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Our team


Mihaela Croitoru - Sustainability Consultant & Managing Partner

"A new paradigm needs to be developed in management by cross-fertilizing the traditional methods with the Sustainability practices. The future managers will have the obligation to explore the impact of these practices’ deployment within the organizations and community. It’s important to define the competences of the future managers and to design new profiles in order to facilitate the transfer from theory to practice of the Sustainability."

Mihaela Croitoru


Gaetano Casale - Sustainability Consultant & Managing Partner

"Companies that in the past started to invest in innovation and research, people development and managed responsible their financial resources, are today continuing to grow and tomorrow will be ready to face the new challenges."

Gaetano Casale


Andrei Dragomir - Sustainability Consultant

Strong technical knowledge and consistent record of more than 16 years experience in understanding business goals and bringing charisma and personal skills to meet those needs efficiently and effectively by offering a unique combination of thorough understanding of complex sustainable business modeling.



Liana Kreider - Sustainability Consultant

An environmental engineer graduate, Liana has over 11 of experience in the field of environmental protection and a significant experience in conducting sustainability compliance audits. Having good knowledge of the Romanian environmental legislation, she has conducted and coordinated environmental projects, due diligence audits as well as environmental compliance audits for various Romanian and foreign companies.



Cristina Visenoiu - Contract Specialist

Cristina has graduated the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, Finance and Banking, having a professional experience of more than 10 years in the banking system. Within INNOVA, Cristina is responsible for monitoring all ongoing contracts, tracking compliance with deadlines and meeting contractual obligations. Communication, organizational abilities, attention to detail, team spirit and initiative are just a few of the qualities she possesses.