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Who we are


Our Sustainability

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Sustainable Development Goals

We acknowledge the 17th Sustainable Development Goals established by United Nation according to 2030 Agenda. We aim to contribute to ensuring a high level of education and training for the new generations so that they are better prepared for the future. Investing in our children we will obtain an added value for the entire community.

INNOVA Association

To implement our sustainability objectives, we have established INNOVA Association - Asociatia INNOVA pentru Inovare prin Dezvoltare Durabila - that promotes this concept among young people. During 2014 – 2016 we have implemented, in partnership with schools from 5 different countries, an initiative aimed to introduce the new technologies in the teaching and learning process. In 2015, in partnership with 12 high schools from Romania we trained more that 600 pupils about integrating sustainability within their virtual companies managed at school.


Fostering a new generation of responsible entrepreneurs

A better correlation of the educational system with the labour market implies also the involvement of the companies in the preparation of young people. Thus, in 2015 we have established a new challenge to teach 600 pupils about managing a virtual company and how this company can have a better impact on the community.